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I am Janice, The Career Introvert. I am going to be helping you find balance in your career or business while still respecting your introversion!


I know what it is like to have people make assumptions about you and your introversion. My goal is to keep adding checklists, challenges and all sorts of other resources to help you grow in your career or business while still respecting your introversion


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Public Speaking for Introverts {Challenge}

6 Lessons

Work Life Balance for Introverts {mini-video course}

7 Lessons

The Importance of Balance


You’ve probably heard the term work-life balance tossed about a lot lately. That’s probably because most of us feel we don’t have it, but we know we want it. It feels elusive, and we may have decided that only other people can have it.


But we can all have it! It just might not look the same to you as it does to others. That’s the thing—the definition is different for each of us, which means we are in charge of deciding what we need and how we go about getting it. This freedom should be celebrated and embraced, but instead, it can make us feel hesitant to start. Maybe you aren’t sure where to start.


In this mini-course, I am going to share with you simple strategies you can use to create a work-life balance that works for you. It will take awareness and a bit of work, but if you are serious about committing to balance, you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Networking Smarter NOT Louder {Video}

1 Lessons

Business Personality Assessment {mini-course}

5 Lessons

It’s All About You

Ask most entrepreneurs about their list of “day job” complaints and most of them will talk about fulfillment, making a difference, flexibility and maybe money. What they won’t say—even though they definitely feel it—is that working for someone else means they have to abide by that person’s rules. And not just when it comes to vacation planning and clock punching.

6 Steps To Becoming A Powerful Public Speaker {Resource}

6 Lessons

Public speaking ranks right up there in terms of the things we are afraid to do especially as introverts. Whether it’s the fear of being watched closely by others, or the insecurity and self-conscious feeling of slipping up during the presentation, these six tips will help you give a polished, professional speech that you (and your audience) can be proud of!

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